Cheap SEO Services? Yes, There is Such a Thing as High Quality Service at Affordable Prices

SEO is an industry easily accessible to those looking to make a quick buck. However, cheap SEO services are not all the same, and casting a shade of grey on all low cost SEO providers is not a practical assessment. Big brands and small business owners can take advantage of experienced consulting and high quality service at affordable prices.

Market Pricing Factors
SEO prices usually take into consideration factors that include fixed and variable expenses. The reason I am able to offer cheap SEO is because of low overhead. As an SEO consultant, I have no expenses for an office or employees, so I'm able to offer affordable pricing.

Low Cost Business Model
Some well known companies, like Walmart and Costco, take advantage of low cost business opportunities and offer cheap prices on brand-name products that may cost more elsewhere. In my case, cheap SEO prices are due to low costs, and has nothing to do with the quality of service or level of experience. I have been doing SEO for large brands and small companies for over 17 years.

Cheap Prices are Relative
Whether or not SEO is cheap and affordable depends on the other rates you are comparing. For example, a rate of $50 an hour for SEO consulting may seem high compared to something like Fiverr, but that price looks cheap next to companies that want $100 an hour for the same SEO services.